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"She shall be called Woman! (Gen. 2.23b)"

That but for the grace of God it is impossible to find the true golden mean might be evident when we contemplate morality. At the far right there are Muslim women that are literally cooped up and who are required to play a subjugated role at best. On the far left there are western women that go all out when a male stripper drives their sexual urges insane. Most societies move within these extremes.

In the eyes of the Muslim western women tend to be whores and all fallen women and in the eyes of the Westerner Muslim women are slaves and their men are oppressors. One Muslim girl confessed to me that in her eyes western women at least lived, but I know also of western girls that long (back) to what might be called Puritan purity and innocent dignity. Who is right here? The answer is that both are wrong!

Also here the timeless morality of the bible gives us the outcome out of the dilemma. But life out there with all its wrong examples of unisex and militant feminism can confuse us so much that it is next to impossible to finetune our behavior and comportment. Yet true dignity keeps a cool head because it has its eyes fixed on biblical examples and ideals.

What then is the happy medium in these confusing times, the true golden mean, or the aurea mediocritas as the Romans put it? I do not want to enter into details here however. I am afraid I would only give you the impression that I am bothering you with my own likes and dislikes. I can only give you the advice to search for true wisdom in all these things and to keep an open mind and heart about whether or not you are or have become too conservative or maybe too liberal, too otherworldly or too worldly. Keep on thinking and checking yourself and your motives in the light of the bible. Do so in dependence on God and on His Word and do so prayerfully, asking the Lord to enlighten you through the Holy Spirit. Think on this: The true happy medium is not a compromise, neither to the left, nor to the right!

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