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What Is Wrong With America?

Shame on you, America, where there are judges that have financial interest in prisons. Shame on your so-called civilized society with the largest number of prisoners in the entire world. Shame on you that lock people away when they have committed only minor offences, for which a fine should have been sufficient. Shame on you that lock psychiatric patients away under inhumane circumstances, people that would function well enough with medication. Shame on those among you that claim that health is a privilege and not a right. You pretend to be a Christian nation, the home of the free and the brave. But for every person among you that is killed, there is such an outcry that you revenge yourself a hundredfold, but even a hundredfold of those kill one another in the streets (including cop killers and killer cops). Many rich live in fenced suburbs and a little distance away the downtrodden are neglected. Your prisons belie your so-called Christian roots, where minorities are over represented. Where is your wisdom, where the love of your heart? Is it not cold hearted materialism? The Lord stated that where your treasure is there is your heart. Is your main treasure maybe the dollar!?

As a born Dutch citizen I am glad for your liberation of Europe together with the Canadians and British and also the Russians. It seems that in the two decennia after that God rewarded you for that and the economy fared well. After that you lost every war you waged in one way or another. Your CIA never seems to learn its lessons. They set up one dictator against the other, only to be stabbed in the back by history. Your other secret services hold all your country men under suspicion. For how long will you remember that torture does not illicit confessions adequately?

Your education is lacking, yet you think you are so smart. You feed your population with junk food so that you have the highest rate of obesity and diabetes. Food that many countries would not feed their pets, is your favorite meal. If your neighbor as much as farts as it were, you take him to court and demand millions. Many of your citizens are so unhappy that they turn to drugs, like the Chinese years ago who were made depended on opium by the British. Again a so-called Christian nation. Your news channels are ridden with distracting advertisements and they are superficial. And when they go in depth, it is infotainment and not soul searching.

You go wild about a politician that has ripped off many of you in his casinos and that has fooled many into believing that they can become successful as well. Also that cost them their life savings. But then again, the Bible says that God may set up the basest rulers.

Yet I thank God for your existence. You do a lot of good in the way of donations and you still have many real and upright Christians among you that serve you well. Yet they are more and more discriminated against. Be wise and spare them, for they are the relative few that dare go against the stream of the masses. Solomon warned that a nation without a vision perishes. Is your anthem really still your vision, or are only a few real Christians with true vision for the Lord Jesus Christ the salt in your life and the light on a mountain? It seems that you crowd out your conscience with self congratulatory talk.

Yet again God must have His reasons for still giving you the power that you do have. Your power also seems to be your weakness. On the one hand you want to help people and nations and you do, but on the other hand you take advantage of the weak. Often instead of serving you act in a supercilious manner. Thankfully you do use part of your power to assist Israel, the only real democracy in the Middle East. Perhaps God is rewarding you for that. The Bible states that every government has been set up by God and that it is God Who exalts and Who abases and it calls the Lord Jesus the King of kings and the Lord of lords. May He protect you, friend, and watch over you. Let the In God We Trust not be the In the Dollar We Trust, or We only trust in ourselves!

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