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"Can God Make a Stone So Heavy that He Cannot Lift it Himself?"

'What about the mocking trick question whether God is able to make a stone so heavy that He cannot lift it anymore Himself?' This question supposes that God's abilities aren't all equal in their infinitude. And it is meant to make us think that even God has His limits. No matter how heavy the star would be, He would always be able to move it, because none of His abilities are limited; but they are all equally infinite. God cannot be limited in any way. That is why He is God and all creation a speck on His scale. Yes, He could fill the entire universe with solid matter, so much so that movement does not even exist anymore. But would that crowd out His infinitude? If He had created an infinite universe, with infinitely solid matter, without any subatoms and sub-subatoms--which theory shows by the way that ultimately we exist by His power, for there is no such thing as infinitesimality, there must be a smallest most basic particle, neither such a thing as infinitely great in creation, in either number or greatness; because everything in creation is relative to His absoluteness: which shows that the smallest particle is the real atom, the uncuttable one, being directly dependent on God--then humanly speaking not even God could move this, but it would have been by His own will and only goes to show that movement is simply a creational aspect.

And yet this kind of useless and imaginative creation would be nothing in itself. For matter is just matter and God is Spirit. Indeed He would not be able to move it materially, but spiritually He could still kick it around like a kid a ball. We reach here the limits of science, philosophy and theology. Movement is used in the trick question to attack God. Movement is part of creation, therefore it is theologically illogical to suppose that movement could become impossible for God in matter crowding out its possibility. If you think about it, then this question tries to inflate creation to the detriment of the Creator and the evil in it is that the one who invented this question wants to put himself on an equal footing with God.

But the good that can come out of this question, to anyone that is willing to see it, is that, yes, God has His limits. First of all, He will not put up with evil forever, without judging it appropriately. God is not some kind of Saint Nick that can only bless, or some kind of terribly naïve do-gooder. God is also just, but He is no bogeyman either. He gives us a choice. And He puts up with us as long as it takes.

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