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"A bird's eye view through triadism"

CREATION: a.humans, b.animals, c.things.

a.humans 1:

  • I. homo sapiens
  • II. homo artifex
  • III. homo faber

b. animals 1:

  • I. fish
  • II. beasts
  • III. fowl

c. things 1:

  • I. seas
  • II. earth
  • III. heaven

a.1.I. homo sapiens:

  • I. homo religiosus
  • II. homo intellectualis
  • III. homo faciens

b. animals 1.II. beasts:

  • I. 'behema' domestic animals (incl.cows and donkeys)
  • II. 'chajja' wild animals
  • III. 'remes' creeping animals (insects)

c. things 1.II. earth:

  • I. fields
  • II. mountains
  • III. valleys

a. 1.III. homo faber:

  • I. workman
  • II. laborer
  • III. slave

b. animals 2.:

  • I. earthly animals
  • II. heavenly 'animals' (steeds of the prophet Elijah)
  • III. satanic animals (such as the centaurs)

c. things 1.III. heaven:

  • I. skies
  • II. stars
  • III. third heaven (for angels; paradise)

a.2.(see Gen. chapter 10):

  • I. Semites
  • II. Japhethites
  • III. Hammites

b. animals 2.II.heavenly creatures:

  • I. seraphim
  • II. cherubs
  • III. living creatures

c. things 2:

  • I. verdure
  • II. rocks
  • III. water

a.2.I. Semites:

  • I. Jews
  • II. Ishmaelites
  • III. Edomites

b. animals 1.II. beasts I.domestic:

  • I. 'cattle'
  • II. cats and dogs
  • III. trained

c. things 2.I. verdure:

  • I. grass
  • II. vegetables and herbs
  • III. trees

a.2.I. Semites. I.Jews:

  • I. Messianic Jews
  • II. Israelites
  • III. 10 tribes

b. animals 1.II. beasts I.domestic I 'cattle':

  • I. cows
  • II. horses
  • III. sheep and goats

c. things 2.II. rocks:

  • I. jewels
  • II. stones
  • III. sand

a.2.I. Semites. II.Ishmaelites:

  • I. Muslims
  • II. Arabs
  • III. Locals (such as the Berbers)

b. animals 1.II. beasts I.domestic III. trained:

  • I. 'wild' (hogs, elk, etc.)
  • II. birds
  • III. fish (dolphins, etc.)

c. things 2.II. rocks,III.sand:

  • I. 'mud'
  • II. clay
  • III. cement

That triadism is a handy tool is well known. For yourself you can use it to order and or analyze all kinds of things. Even time, e.g.: past, present, future. Historiography, news/media, futurology. History, actuality, prophecy.

So the social aspect of life: individuality, collectivity, solidarity, etc.

Factually stating, both macro-evolutionary theories and creation theories are ultimately beliefs that go beyond the scope of reason. Only their proponents tend to deify and factualize what is in fact hypothesis. The truth is that God has used micro-evolutionary processes in the created main species. That does not mean that I believe in theistic evolution, but in a minor micro-evolution within created species.

That is in fact what Darwin (who started out in life as a theologian and who wondered whether he, as a human monkey, might be wrong) discovered on the Galapagos islands. Only many of his followers turned it into macro-evolution, so as to reason God away out of the universe. Macro-evolution holds that all the species developed out of each other. For which there is no proof whatsoever and of which they have never found the missing links.

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