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Liars Liars

Morning potions for microflora are unnecessary as a bit of pure (I mean unadulterated) yoghurt is healthier and cheaper. Put a little pure honey in it for taste. Insurance schemes are often exaggerated and when push comes to shove, often they give you a hard time in paying out and that way too little. Saving plans as well, particularly retirement plans. Most financial companies use the first 2 years of your money just to pay the sales agency or salesman. Then you have to pay the company all the way to the top! And when you break the contract they keep very much money. People that are good with money and do not spend it lightly and are able to save it or invest it safely, would do better to avoid such ways. You will end up with more. But of course you cannot dispense with all insurance, unless you are rich. Mortgages often turn out to be a nightmare. You have paid the bank for say 20 years and you miss a few payments and then they evict you and keep all the money you put into it. It is outright criminality.

Meat is way too cheap because it is tampered with and poultry is full of chemicals. In fact all our food is tampered with. Household appliances that are sold at the door, are another scheme as almost anything that is sold door to door for that matter. Remember you have to pay not only the salesman, but his entire family. Slick salesmen are particularly adept at driving housewives crazy. Almost never buy on impulse, unless you see a good deal, or you really like something and you can afford it. There is a lot of brain washing going on in the world, also when it comes to buying something. When something is expensive or apparently very cheap while they promise you the world. Watch out. Salesmen are looking to close the sale as soon as possible, as soon as they think they got you. Then they bring out the papers and lead you on to sign on the dotted line. Again, watch out. Also do not forget that by law it has been stipulated that there should be a grace period, in case you signed to your own regret. Use websites that compare prices.

My grandfather taught my father: If you buy something you do not need, you will not be able to buy something you do need. Stay out of debt as much as possible. Keep money ready for unexpected expenses. Save money regularly, even if it is a little. And do not touch it. Solomon: Money gotten out of vanity, diminishes; but he that puts aside little by little, increases.

Sugar, the white poison, is put in almost anything. Cereals and energy drinks are the worst. We should all get detoxicated from most of it. (Moreover the sugar moguls are so greedy that many of their employees on their fields are treated worse than a lot of slaves were hundreds of years ago. They are so rich, they buy politicians and they believe their own lies, like most rich people. Not to mention that John Doe keeps the country running, but big companies put their money in tax havens so they do not have to pay taxes). Then you have schemes like multilevel companies who operate at the fringes of the law and turn people at the lower end into slaves. Moreover comparable products are cheaper in the store. Then you have the food supplements to lose or gain weight. They taste awful and are unnecessary. There are better ways. Learn to think for yourself! And if something is too tricky for you, ask advice from an independent person who is in the know and do not forget to give him a tip or a present for good advice (ahead of time!).

Most vitamins sold are a greedy scheme of businessmen that are not creative enough to make money in a constructive way. Almost all of it passes through the body unused. Put enough fish in your diet and healthy vegetables and most of the time that is sufficient. Pharmaceuticals can even be deadly and it can take very many years before the big companies admit any wrongdoing. They pamper physicians to make them prescribe their pills. They control study groups, magazines, information channels and what have you. They literally invent non-existing diseases so they can offer a solution, supposedly. They change the names of medicines and then make them one hundred times more expensive. All to foist a lot of unnecessary junk on you and to gain more wealth. Along with many unconscionable bankers, such people belong in jail! So-called medicines for a cold are another scheme. It usually boils down to sitting the cold out for three days or so and then it will disappear. Actually cold medication can have quite bad side effects. Then you have those gadgets or expensive creams against calluses on your heals. Take a warm foot bath with some sodium in it, which is very cheap, and in 20 minutes your feet are as clean and soft as a baby's. There is also much misleading as to soap. If you think those machines that are advertised to make you lose weight effortlessly, or pills that burn fat, or pills that grow back your hair, or that miracle cure against cancer; really can help you, then you are clearly open game for scrupulous bastards.

I am not against capitalism per se, but big business hardly is ethical. But we all are guilty. You and I as well. Most of us want to live beyond our means at the expense of the poor and the weak, particularly in third world countries. The prophet Daniel told his king Nebuchadnezzar that he should take care of the poor so the judgment that would come upon him, would be postponed. The poor are the world's guilt.

(But it is far and far worse. In psalm 62.10 the ordinary man is said to be air and the important man a lie. Because of this I am afraid that not only the Pharisees and Sadducees are corrupt, but also bankers, businessmen, the medical profession, professors, lawyers, judges and politicians. May God intervene through His holy angels. ((I am not calling for some kind of revolution)) ).

Last but certainly not least, become a generous giver. God rewards the cheerful giver. But be very careful that also there are very many schemes out there to make you part with your hard earned money and make you give it to unnecessary causes. Do not give to institutions or charities that spend more than 15% of the gifts on so-called overhead and employee costs. Invite, as the Lord said, the poor for a meal. The Bible says that he that gives to the poor, lends to God.

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