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"Is homosexuality a sin?"

As to GLBTQ's (all these forms boil down to homosexuality); the Lord Jesus teaches us to love the sinner, but to hate the sin. That is the paradox. We are to love also murderers, thieves, pedophiles and people that have sex with animals. However, I do not have to respect the homosexual act, it is a dirty sin; but I have to respect and love the sinner, no matter who or what he is.

The trend in the Western world however is to condone the homosexual act, not just the homosexual. And in countries like Russia the opposite happens. Both sides are mistaken and make things worse than they already are. As to the West, one can ask Where will it end? Do I also have to respect sins like threesomes, or orgies? (For if homos and lesbians can marry, why should not bisexuals be allowed a triune marriage? It is madness). As to homo haters, I ask Where will that end? Because society drifts away from the truth as the true happy medium and the true golden mean, people are alienated from each other.

Some attack Scripture in claiming that just as the Bible considers slavery not a sin and therefore is mistaken, so the homosexual act is not a sin. But it is not true that the beloved apostle Paul considered slavery a natural condition. He preached that if you can become free as a slave, then use that. Also in the Old Testament the prophets preached against the selling of your brothers and sisters and even against lending them money on interest. The politicians and theologians that preach love for the sins (by implication), are wrong. We are to teach that we all are on our way to eternal perdition, except if we bow down for the Lord Jesus as our Lord and Savior. There is no other Name through which we can be saved.

It has been stated by some that the homosexuals in the O.T. were somehow inferior to GLBTQ's today. But that is the same as believing that somehow I am superior to Adam or king David. As to our sinfulness we are all equal. Also, there is no male or female in Christ (as to the faith), no free or slave (but God did create us male and female). As to salvation we are all equal. But the Lord said that we will be held responsible for every wrong word we speak. So certainly for our deeds. Again, this is not a contradiction on the part of God and His Word, but it is a paradox. Both sides are true. If you overemphasize love for homosexuals, you will end up condoning the homosexual act and even sympathizing with it. If you overemphasize the hate for sin and for the dirtiness of the homosexual act, then you will end up hating the homosexual. Both would be wrong and even disastrous.

The Lord Jesus does not hold me responsible for being a sinner in the sense of being a child of Adam and Eve. That is why He was made sin for me. He died not only for my sins, but also because I am a sinner by birth. We are all sinners by innate nature. But God does hold me responsible for my acts.

I am not implying that I am better than a homosexual. Some of my professors were homosexuals and when one of them seemed to be about to propose to another (by hindsight he meant me), I simply left and the next day he taught me Latin again. I am not implying that homosexuals are inferior to me somehow. We are all sinners by birth, but God has no sympathy for my sins. That is the paradox. But just as He offers me the solution through the Work on the Cross, so also in the case of homosexuality (though it remains a question whether one is born a homosexual or not. The one yes, the other no).

One could say that God does not have the right to hold me responsible for my acts, as I am a sinner by nature. But a murderer who tells a judge that, is condemned out of court. So will you be once you stand before God, unless you take recourse to His gift of salvation.

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