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"F*CK YOU!!"

Next time you call somebody names, you may want to contain your levity. For consider this. The Muslim fundamentalists curse us and wish us hell. We say that we'll get them for that and curse them in return. Rebels all over the place curse and despise the victims they rape, torture and slaughter. The so-called powers that be and the assumedly civil administrations register these acts and curse them for doing what they do. The powerful have always oppressed the weak. Slick salesmen have always been making easy money. People always wanted to be fooled and believe some luck came their way. Con artists have always found easy victims. The Pharisees have always cursed the populace that does not know the religious laws. The oppressed curse them in return. Sinners have always cursed the holier-than-thou Joes. Children have always tried to get away with what they could get away with. Siblings have always been fighting among each other. Parents have always been too strict or too lenient. Every interest group has always been fighting against opposing interests.

Heart against heart. Curse against curse. Fist against fist. Money against money. Theory against theory. And God is watching . . . The All-Holy One sees a bunch of ants on a hill fighting, thwarting and cursing each other. Solomon in the good book says: "Now, go thou sluggard and get thee to the ants and learn from them that they are a hardworking bunch," working together, individuals making a team; with a perfect balance between individual freedom and community value; I elaborate.

You think you are so industrious? Creative? Religious? Well-meaning? Hard working at whatever ideal, interest, ploy, plan or whatever you are involved in? Did you really ever take a hard and good look at the bigger picture? Then in the end we are ourselves all spiritually lazy, lacking in love, warmth, consideration and all true virtues are swept under the carpet of our selfish, egotistical, maniacal and God and man/woman dishonoring ventures. Shame be on us that dare call ourselves homo sapiens. Homo insipiens is more like it.

Earth has become a global village. But Solomon still speaks! "Thine heart (read: subconscious) knoweth very well that thou hast accursed many" (Ecclesiastes 7.13-22).

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