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Anonymous: "Truth is like poetry, people HATE poetry."


Before you give us your opinion, spend some time checking these news bulletins.

An American doctor in Houston Texas was astounded to see her patient grow disproportionately to what he ate. The 52 year old trucker from that city was discovered to have a till now unknown condition. He does have a sedentary life style, but for every pound he consumes, he puts on a pound and a half of fatty tissue. He has to use a laxative on a regular basis not to, quote, balloon all out of proportion, unquote.

This just came in. According to a leading news channel the Russian secret service sends undercover head hunters to universities in the former East Block countries in search of intelligent students to recruit them with the main purpose of spreading fake news. These students must have IQ's of at least 120 and have outstanding experience with IT and the English language. A CIA agent says he is sure that the Russians have declared a cyber war on the West after we imposed strict sanctions on them,

According to the New York Times in a recent issue, an MI6 agent purportedly was fired upon leaking pictures of Trump making out with two prostitutes in a rowdy threesome in a prestigious hotel in Moscow. He wanted, he claims, to warn the world that the Russians are holding this over the president's head like a sword of Democles, should he go too far against Putin's liking. We cannot confirm this report, but nothing seems sacred anymore; other than what Trump affirms or denies.

Astronomers have discovered an exoplanet, in the star system of Gemini, with a distance to a star (MA 36915) that, proportionately to the size of the star, is quite similar to the distance of the earth to the sun. It has two moons and seems to be covered by either liquid or frozen water. Scientists are steering the successor to the Hubble telescope to point it as long as possible to this 'parallel planet', in order to discover more details.

After 22 generations of red roses a florist has developed a red rose that looks exactly like the once famous rose 'bewitched'. He is now sued in court for DNA plagiarism. He is confident that after 22 generations of red roses he will be able to prove that the DNA of his rose is different from its famous predecessor.

I think these news bulletins are all true.

I think these news bulletins are all fake news.

I cannot find out whether these news bulletins are fake news or not.

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