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"Christian Tradition"

Kabbalah is Hebrew for 'tradition' and promotes mystical approaches to life. It is not at all my intent to christen this form of mysticism, but I found the schema helpful to organize main biblical truths. Notice in the above figure that the will is the power house of the human being and that the heart is at the top like a head. This makes the heart the head, as well as the head the heart; the will being the breast.

In this treelike structure one is sown a body and through true conversion of the heart via the will, one is born again a new soul life and spirit life.

Values and norms belong to the sphere of the soul and spirit, which rule life and faith. Mind, or consciousness, is situated between conscience and body like Freud's ego between the superego and id, or adult reason between parental guidance and childlike longing.

Of course I am aware that this representation is much simpler than my anthropology of personality and my theoretical anthropology. As I do not own the exclusive right to truth, I point out that there are many ways to contemplate reality, even though certainly the Lord Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. But there are many aspects and sides to His Creation, which all the more attest to His power and divinity.

"Universal Life"

In the next pattern I have attempted to balance the material with the immaterial world, which combine and exist together in the middle as a union of Creation. Take note at the 'shield' of Love and Wisdom, who make the universe go round! Of course I am talking about Love ("God is Love" (("I believe in the sun, even though it is not shining!")) ) and Wisdom ("Christ has become the Wisdom of God") as taught in the Holy Bible.

Paradise is in the third heaven (according to Paul who had been taken up there) and the tree of life is there as well. However primarily Christ should be our true tree of life, the literal one having been guarded against us; as we would have lived in sin for ever after. Christ is not only the way back to paradise lost; He is the way to a higher paradise, the Father's House!

"The Ten Commandments of Old"

Jewish traditions went astray from the Lord and in His progress of revelation He has given us a renewed commandment "That we love one another". The O.T. commandments forbid, but the N.T. exhorts us to conquer evil through good! Therefore I give the schema below, an attempt to show that the 'letter killeth, but the spirit quickeneth'.

Notice that there are only two positive statements, all the other commandments forbid. I have balanced these two out on both sides: (the first table of Mosaic law shows Gods authority and the other table ((with the five negatives)) shows the righteous demands of that authority over humans towards each other).

I did try to harmonize the various 'traditional trees' with each other, but I leave that to the attentive reader to decide.

A chagrined Pharisee might complain that I am painting or even worshipping an idolatrous representation in these pictures. But the commandment against idols is not aimed against picturesque explanations, but against the worshipping of and substituting of idols in the place of the Lord.

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