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"If somebody seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise!" The apostle Paul.

Theory of Ethics

In this section we will expound that a statement of faith consists in various aspects that are experienced as contradictions by the unbelieving and weak heart and that we tend to deviate either to the right or to the left. Also in matters of faith the truth holds that theory and practice go hand in hand. Vision and life belong together and should corroborate one another.

Further I hope to point out that after deviation on either side we can land in a negative downwards spiral and vicious circle, circulus vitiosus that drags you down even further away. This can go fast, but it can also take years. The opposite is a positive upwards spiral and virtuous circle, circulus virtuosus, or a beneficial circle, a circulus beneficens (my coining), that lifts you up towards the true verity in the middle and that infuses you with power to live it.

The Bible itself states that one must be careful not to deviate to the right nor to the left. For that can be the beginning of going down. Also the Bible holds out to us that one must be balanced. As in the verse that warns us not to succumb under the chastisement of the Lord, nor to be stubborn. These are opposite scales so to speak. The one is characterized by misplaced self-pity, the other by misplaced encouragement of self. Both are self-willed independence from God.

Many are the aberrations from the truth and I will attempt to explain that on both sides they lead to the negation of the truth. These deviations on either side are mutual opposites, but as far as the truth is concerned they share common denominators. In this way atheism and polytheism stand in opposition and seem to have no common characteristics. But in the direction of the truth they are both just as godless and even share common identities. In psalm 1 we can see that there are 3 stages of deviating from the truth and of falling away from the Lord, namely 'walking in the counsel of the godless,' standing in the way of the sinners,' and 'sitting in the seat of the mockers.'

In this way I hope to advance various theoretical concepts that shore up the other fields and that give them a common denominator. But just as scientists are confronted time and time again with the fact that reality transcends our limited understanding; in this way I myself experience that my own study of the golden mean proves to be ever more complicated and that there is no end to the many connections between all the variables. But just as you do not have to possess the knowledge of a mathematician or an astrophysicist, it is nonetheless important that you do know the alphabet and enough grammar and words to make life meaningful. You do not have to be an Einstein, but if you cannot count, add, subtract, divide and multiply; then you are bound by a great handicap. If you feel that this is all too complicated for you, then restrict yourself to reading and/or studying the Bible verses that I mention in the theses sections everywhere. For those are the most important and that is where things are at the center and they are fundamental and elemental.

One dictionary calls ethos the disposition, character, or fundamental values peculiar to a specific person, people, culture, or movement and ethology the study of the same. All my theories of ethics are in fact just that: ethologia (in Latin), which etymologically means the study of character. And indeed, a person's ethics form the ideology of his innermost ego.

At best my studies point (the way) to the Lord and at the worst they are dry and boring theory speak and theoretician's gobbledegook. In a positive sense I attempt to discern the spirits and to denounce evil, but in a negative sense I am afraid that I lose myself in too much theorizing, because of which most will turn away. Yet I do think that I should follow my vision and I can only hope and pray that the Lord will bless that at His time. Amen.

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