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"If somebody seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise!" The apostle Paul.

Ethics of Psychology

Where an objective psychology describes the behavior and subconscious motivation of people, there a biblical psychology describes the symptoms of psychological problems. The worst psychological problem is the sinsick disease of autotheism, the tendency to play god over your fellows. Originally psychology means 'knowledge of the soul' and according to my anthropological chart the soul has primarily to do with emotions. This would make psychology the study of human emotions and emotional motivation, as manifested in behavior.

An objective psychology also reckons with the major role the intricate brain plays in emotions and therefore accounts for things such as psychiatric problems and other physiological factors that play a role in emotion. But those are not the subject of an ethical psychology.

Where anthropology describes what the human being is, there psychology explains what makes him tick. Therefore a biblical psychology also brings the conscience, the will and the heart into play and does not restrict itself to consciousness. Since the discovery of antidepressants and other kinds of medication the field of psychology has lost side of the great theological debates about the heart, the will and the conscience that play a central role in our psyche.

A psychology of ethics, or an ethical psychology, makes a moral assessment about the main opinions and theories about human emotions and motivation as well as about the latter two themselves in general. That is mainly what we will attempt to do here.

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