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Cosmogony--The Origin of the Universe

The Bible is not a study book. But certainly, any spirit that goes contrary to Holy Writ must be wrong, or even a more or less habitual liar. Yet in studying the universe we do well to be guided by the Word. It talks about visible and invisible things. I think we may as well say material and immaterial. But that is a poor interpretation. The soul is immaterial and the spirit as well. The mind must be both located in the material brain, as in the immaterial spirit; the soul (mainly) being emotional.

This having been said and thinking about great mathematicians, I think that it is the Maker of all Himself Who has the formula that captures the balance of the material and the immaterial in symbols; the formula for the material world itself being a subset of that mathematics. Perhaps the ideas of black and antimatter are nothing but the realms of the spirits and the souls.

"God indwells eternity and the humble of spirit and the broken of heart."

"For the visible things are temporary."

"And the invisible things are eternal."

Literal or physical aspect

Intellectual aspect

Emotional aspect

Spiritual aspect

"All things are out of Him, through Him and for Him."

"Wisdom in the heart and understanding in the mind."

"God formed man out of the dust of the earth and breathed into him and man became a living soul."

"He made His angels fiery servants."

God created everything and now has nothing to do with it. Deism

God created everything and now desires to have a holy union with us. Mysticism

Matter has always been there and is eternal. Aristotelian Materialism

Originally there was nothing; then came the primal seed of spirit. Hindu Pantheism

Originally there was nothing; then came the Big Bang. Evolutionistic Atheism

All the gods arose from the primeval chaos, the indefinite void. Theogony of Polytheism

God created everything, but he is the evil one and Satan is the good revolutionary. Satanism

Most major philosophies agree that originally there was nothing. The Judeo-Christian faith teaches that God has no beginning. The In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God is a statement that confirms the idea that God and Christ have no beginning. The beginning here denotes the timeless existence of God before He started creating. In a sense not even nothing was there then. For it seems pejorative to state that besides God there was something else. But when it says that He hung the earth upon nothing, obviously the nothing was there; but merely in a linguistic sense, not in a philosophical one. Therefore God did not create out of nothing, as out of (absolutely) nothing, comes nothing. He created into the nothing out of Himself. Perhaps the best reasoning is to state that when God created the heavens and the earth, then by that very process of creating the nothing was there as well. But, again, only linguistically. Nothing is the absence of being, but again it seems belittling of the Maker to state that He was the all being and that besides him there was nothing, as nothing cannot be. How foolish therefore is the idea of a creatio ex nihilo! Only God IS (in Himself) and HE created out of Himself, through Himself and for Himself as the apostle Paul puts it. We derive our being from HIM. We live by the grace of God.

Another Hindu idea is that after the nothing there were darkness and waters. This reminds us of Genesis 1.2. But that phrase may be best translated as formless and void. The spirit of God (that is one of the seven ((eyes)) spirits of God, NOT the Holy Spirit. The three Persons of the trinity are HE's and in Genesis 1.2 the ruach is female) started working with the water. Evolutionary theory and Hesiod's theogony start with chaos. But it is (usually) order that becomes chaos, not the other way around.

According to evolutionary theory everything started with the Big Bang, which itself came from nowhere. This theory holds that the stars developed from that explosion. Further it promotes the idea of the evolution of the elements, of the spontaneous origin of life and the endless speciation of the species. This means that we not only come from the monkeys, but actually from a rock and further back, from nothing. All these forms of evolution have never been scientifically observed, except for microevolution; about which more here.

It is a natural question to ask why God created the universe and us in it. As a Christian I say that it was that we all might worship the Lord God and His Son Christ Jesus for ever and ever more. But the lost will not like that and I am afraid that in hell with the gnashing of teeth going on there, there will be little desire to worship a God from Whose holy Face they are far removed.



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