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"If somebody seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise!" The apostle Paul.

Ethics of Philosophy

The word philosophy is made up of the Greek words for 'love of wisdom'. Now in the sense of Proverbs 2, if we search for wisdom as for hidden treasures, then we will find the true knowledge of things. In the N.T. the apostle Paul points out to us that Christ has become the Wisdom of God (sophia tou theou), which is foolishness to the cultured and an irritation to the Jews and an obstacle to politicians.

In Colossians the blessed apostle Paul warns us against philosophy that is the empty deceit of the traditions of men. He does not mean that anything labeled philosophy is wrong and dangerous and therefore wicked. He refers to the traditions of thinkers that take themselves as the measurement to understand things. And who compare themselves with themselves and so set in motion a self-perpetuating system that at best has a few good points that serve to bring in all the other nonsense. And in Corinthians he points out that spiritual things are understood by spiritual persons, or by spiritual means. The unspiritual person cannot understand what we are talking about, because his or her heart has not been enlightened yet by the gospel.

But also historical and political conspiracy theories that give you the feeling how wicked the world is and how good you are as a victim of the system or as a so-called born-again christian set apart by God; are in fact the empty deceit of philosophy that Paul warns against. Also exaggerated holiness and separation attitudes are that, mere empty deceit. Many are the tricks and wiles that Satan levels at us to thwart the efficacy of the Holy Spirit and to sidetrack us from the straight path that leads to the New Jerusalem.

The definition and purpose of philosophy that I intend to handle in this subsite is the love for and the understanding of creational aspects. Theology is concerned with God, and philosophy with creation. And creation is about all things in heaven and on earth, from angels like Michael and Gabriel to things as cooking and physical science. Even though heaven is beyond the universe of the stars, it is still part of Creation in the wider sense.

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