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"If somebody seems to be wise in this age, let him become a fool that he may become wise!" The apostle Paul.

Ethics of Morality

Here we hope to explain that a true morality is neither carried away by an exaggerated holiness, nor is lacking in dignity and that it concerns our entire being, even the nitty-gritty details of things like etiquette. For morality not only decrees sexual cleanliness, but also has to do with matters that range from financial mores to how we fill in our tax returns.

A true morality does not simply adhere to cold hearted laws, but goes even beyond ethical reasonings. That is to say, it goes out of its way to love the other, even to the point of selfdenial and abounding giving care; if necessary. Yet a 'wise man loves his own soul, but he that treats his own flesh in a rough way, is cruel [to himself]' according to Solomon.

Morality is all about being balanced in every which way, from the heart to the mind and from the spirit to the body. Just as physically the body is all about balance between things from hormones to bloodsugar and from the pituitary gland to the pancreas, so also morally a balanced person is healthy. Not only emotions must be balanced among each other, but they must keep sin in check.

And last but not least 'knowledge of holy matters is sound understanding'. When your heart is spiritually focused on the Lord, then you have vision in your life and that is very necessary for persevering in your christian calling.

Golden Mean of Morality

Golden Mean in Sexual Matters

Very High Serene Alto

'The Voice'

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