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What is truth?

I am aware that the subject matter of this study is exceedingly important and one must be very attentive here indeed. But I am sure that also here the truth is seated on the sharp edge of a knife and that one must be careful not to turn either to the right or to the left.

Man shall live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

Creation: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

Revelation: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God..."

"Does not nature itself teach you that it is an honor if a woman has long hair!" "Does the ploughman plough all day to sow? Does he break open and harrow the clods of his ground? When he has levelled it, does he not ... scatter the cumin ... and the wheat in rows and the barley in its appointed place and the rye at the edge? For his God instructs him ... and teaches him."

"From the Creation of the universe onwards God's invisible characteristics are observed, namely His eternal power and divinity, through the things He made; being understood by the mind."

"God is love." "He that is married, occupies him/herself with the things of the world to please his/her partner; but he/she that is single, occupies him/herself with the things of the Lord to please Him."

"Thy word is truth." "I am the way and the truth and the life, nobody comes to the Father but through Me." "...and the Word was God." "Martha, Martha, you are worried and full of care about many things; only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part that will not be taken away from her." "Every Scripture is inspired by God and useful for teaching, for reproach, for correction, for education in righteousness; in order that the man of God may be complete..." >

The truth is hidden behind the words of the bible. Karl Barth.

There is no truth outside the bible. Many so-called Darbists or closed brethren and some Baptists.

To discover the truth, we must first take the myths out of the bible. Bultmann.

The living word is all there is (The bible is God as it were). We must only cite the bible. Sects like the Taylorites and their followers and some exclusive Baptist groups.

Faith is a leap into the darkness that surrounds us. Kierkegaard.

The word is power. Prosperity gospel; attempts to raise people from the dead.

Faith should be in the lord of darkness/ the lords of light.

To state that there is no truth outside the Bible, is an untenable inconsistency. For one might as well give up on doing one's work well, which exists in creation. And some of such people do very well in their job and in creational truths! It would be better to state that revelation goes beyond creation. But such people have an aversion against intellectual studies where the Bible and where faith is concerned, even when such studies are meant to bring people to Holy Writ and to strengthen faith in the Word. They do not frown so much on archeological explorations that shore up the Bible, or on theories that unnerve the belief in evolution only; but if one comes with a theoretical and/or ordering approach to Scripture, then they are skeptical or downright disapproving. Even though the Bible itself states that we can learn from nature in the case of the long hair of women and in the case of observing God's eternal power and divinity in Creation. Who says that we cannot learn even more in this way! Moreover Paul cites extrabiblical sources various times! This opinion, therefore, is too restrictive. Through the light of God's Word the creational revelations acquire luster and they gain both power and dignity. This view is mutually opposite to the view that the truth is situated behind the (face value) words of the Bible. This opposite opinion argues that the creator Himself stands behind the word and that knowledge precedes faith and that the real truth stands beyond the Scriptures and that the Bible is not the same thing as truth and faith.

The Reformed idea that all truth is God's truth, is too daring. For that Satan hates me is also true, but it is rather the devil's truth. And that the grass is green, what does that have to do with the eternal salvation of our souls! Scholasticism in the middle ages held the theory that philosophy is the handmaiden of theology (philosophia ancilla theologiae est). The Catholic church to this day keeps their organization afloat with the attitude that the ecclesial hierarchy are the guardians of the truth and that they decide the form and articles of dogma. The untenable inconsistency here is that on the one hand these people claim to be inspired by Holy Writ, but on the other hand only they are the right interpreters of this. This is circular reasoning that can easily spiral downwards and in fact they have invented ideas such as Mary immaculate and her supposed assumption and now there are voices advocating the ideas of Mary co-redemptrix and even that Mary is the 4th person of the Trinity. The identical fallacy of these mutually opposite views is that individuals are kept from the freedom to apply Scripture in the life of creation fully. The one group listens to a hierarchy of clergy and the other group listens to their leaders. Both are debilitating and in both groups it is very difficult to let the Bible speak outside the pale and the body of dogmas. In both groups there exists a tendency to fossilized end even hollow teaching that keeps new developments out, even though the Lord said that somebody that is discipled to the kingdom brings forth from his treasure things new and old and that we would be fountains of living water that spring up to all eternity.

The view that the Bible is full of myths is inspired by incredulous scepsis based on an haughty esteem of scientific reasoning. Higher criticism elevates itself above the Word and sets itself up as the proponent of truth. Their followers regard it higher than the theological utterances of the apostle Paul and they laugh the idea of plenary inspiration of the Bible away. The result is confusion as every higher critic thinks that he has the right understanding of truth. Faithful Christians have rightly mocked this opinion as an attack by the devil that has people tear all the pages out of the Bible. The mutually opposite view that advocates an attitude and lifestyle of only quoting Scripture turns its adherents into mindless parrots. Such people are outside society and they form their own community. They make it next to impossible for people to think out of the box. Both groups entertain identical fallacies. In both groups there is inordinate and subservient esteem for the leaders, worse than in the former churches and groups. In both herds unscriptural lies are entertained and in both cases people could be called brainwashed.

The followers of Kierkegaard have thrown the baby away along with the bathwater. Both life and the Bible are experienced as meaningless here. One must put meaningfulness into one's existence through a leap of faith or some kind of kick or experience that keeps you motivated to go on. The mutually opposite opinion argues that there is extreme power in the living word and that one can claim riches and health by actively conquering the hordes of hell. One must give tithes to make God bless you a hundredfold and above and beyond tithes to force Him, one can as well say, to bless you a thousandfold. If one fails to do this, then your life is bound to crumble under you sooner or later. Through the creative power of the word you can 'force' as it were a Cadillac into your driveway and a yacht into your harbor. In the former herd life is sapped out of people and in the latter group a phony life is talked into people and a false enthusiasm that belies the true gospel. In both groups there can exist an identical fallacy of letting the Bible ventriloquize. In the first case through a leap of faith into the dark, in the second group through a lying quasi magic. Both are far away from a true spirituality, even though they claim to have a connection with a higher power or something out there. From both groups there are people that are driven even further into the hands of the devil. Some into blatant Satanism and some into the power of so-called angelic spirit guides.

As ever the (true) truth is found in a full adherence to the Scriptures that does not go off on a tangent and that is at liberty to apply the biblical verities in creation. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom." In the above groups freedom is drained away in ever worsening ways. I cannot give you a fixed hermeneutical rule here, nor is that meant to be. In my own weakness I can only point out to you that, as the Bible itself advises, the word should dwell richly in our hearts; not in emptiness, nor in a sectarian or group oriented way that limits the possible application of truth. We are talking about the infinite creation of the Maker and Ruler of the universe, Who has spoken through His Son, Who is the effulgent image of Himself. We are talking about the living Word that is to live actively in our lives through the efficacy of the Holy Spirit. Satan will pull every trick out of his bag of lies to keep us from Him, from apparent holiness to blatant opposition. In all cases the Bible is not given the place it deserves and the true fullness of Scripture is kept away from us, so as not to live fully in creation. In the revelation of the word of the Lord we find everything that we need to live in creation and in creation we have everything that we need to apply revelation. A creational approach (and study) to life without revelation is dead and revelation without a creational approach (and study) to life, is lame!



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