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The Human Being

I know of no anthropology that explains or stresses that humans stand guilty before God and each other since our first parents ate of the forbidden fruit (except for books like Augustine's 'Confessions'). Yet, if we do not recognize this, how will we ever be able to mend ourselves through the efficacy of the Holy Spirit!? If I am not fundamentally wrong, then there is no need to see myself as guilty. People know that they are not perfect, but they think it can be ascribed to one's upbringing and other circumstances. Some even argue that evolution has not advanced far enough. If only we would see that we hail from the divinity and that our humanity is unique, then we could ask our Savior to help us to live up to that standing!

However since Adam and Eve also we desire to be independent from our Creator and we even want to be like Him. This is at depth our problem. We use and abuse every aspect of our being so as to play god over each other. That things are rather contained most of the time, some call general grace. But in wars and other cases the light veneer of civilization is torn off like a mask and we degrade ourselves to bestial behavior. It is a dog-eat-dog world they say, but are dogs really cannibalistic, like lions sometimes?

"Let us make man in Our image and according to Our likeness."

The material; "the things that are seen"; "for the things that are seen, are temporary,"

The immaterial; "the things that are not seen"; "but the things that are not seen, are eternal".





"God formed the human from the dust." "From the dust you came, to the dust you will return." "...mortal body..." "...so glorify God in your body." "There are many parts, but one body."

"Be renewed in the spirit of your mind." "I would rather say 5 words with my mind than 10,000 with my spirit." "I also will pray with the mind." "If you call to understanding, if you raise your voice to intelligence..." "...and knowledge of holy matters is good sense." "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." "...darkened in the mind..."

"What would it profit a person if he gains the entire world, but lose his soul?" "The first human became a living soul." "...fleshly desires that war against the soul." "Buy all that your soul desires." "...whose soul was bitterly saddened." "...hope, which is the anchor of the soul."

"...all flesh in which is a spirit of life." "A human gives up the spirit, where is he then?" "He that sticks to the Lord, is one spirit [with Him]." "...a fearful spirit." "...a humble and quiet spirit..."

The human being is primarily a rational being.

Not IQ but EQ. The human being is primarily an emotional being.

We are part of nature, nothing more.

We are part of the all-soul, matter is but maya (illusion).

We are but molecule machines.

Our beings are sparks of the gods.

The more demons (gods) you allow into your whole being, the more powerful you will be.

People argue about what is fundamental about us. Are we primarily emotional or rational? Are we a conglomeration of atoms that hit upon each other, or is everything maya, an illusion? And at depth this does not matter much to us, really. For even if we change our outlook, the most important thing is that we can say: "I AM." But there is only One Who can claim that Name and that is the Lord Jesus... Only God lives in the unapproachable light and only He possesses immortality in Himself.

Other than that we idolize our own likeness and put it on a pedestal so as to assure ourselves that we are it. There has been a time that there was much ado about the rational faculties. But it gradually dawned upon us that our capacity of reason is not salvific. And as we lost further sight of our Creator people started believing that we are simply part of nature, thus also losing a profound sense of human identity. Mind you, there is truth in all these positions, but they lack completeness. Others, observing the molecular structures, go even further and conclude that that is all there is. Clouds within clouds of particles. How anyone can be happy with an outlook like that defies fantasy. It is not for nothing therefore that death metal fans opt for satanic metal. With some kind of about turn they believe all of a sudden again in the old verities, but altogether in a negative way. Satan is the great liberator and God is the enemy that wants to carve out His piece of our pleasure. This is all very unhealthy indeed and these people also know that they destroy themselves with a fast and furious life.

From time immemorial one position calls up the other. Undue emphasis on reason conjures up the specter of emotional mysticism. Many go by the motto that EQ and not IQ is what makes us tick and so they set their eyes on our emotional side. But no bias can last for ever and some start arguing that mystical haloes are but the trappings of the all-soul. This is mutually opposite to that we are part of nature, but clearly there is a common identity. Part of physical nature, or part of an acosmic pantheistic spiritual reality; the devil just goes on to keep humankind busy with the glitterings of his kaleidoscope. New Age ideas are nothing but ancient beliefs in a new cloak. Some cultures conclude that powerful spirits arose out of the primordial chaos of the spiritual reality and so the gods were born out of Brahma. Sounds familiar when you consider that evolutionists believe that natural forces came into play out of a primordial atom soup. The one thinks he hails down from the apes and the other considers himself the toy of the gods. The one ascribes everything to the various phenomena of natural forces, the other to the functions of different gods. In the end it all boils down to the same thing. As long as we do not have to recognize the true God, the God of the Bible...

To escape from this mess and to save our humanity the bible gives us its timeless answer. It teaches that we are all of the above, apart from the lies of course. The human being is whole in his heart, from which spring the intents and purposes for his life. He has a mind with which to think and a soul to feel emotional impressions. He has a physical body that can touch things and make them pleasing. He has a spirit with which he can communicate with God and pray for direction.

Instead of getting out on a limb with any of these verities, we should attempt to keep them in equilibrium so as to live a balanced and wholesome life. But to be able to do that one must abandon the fruitless and egocentric game of me over against everything else, particularly the Lord Jesus, Who as God the Son really is our Creator. As long as we stubbornly refuse to bow down before Him in order to protract our god-game, we are doomed to lose ourselves. Things that at first seem so beautiful and that make so much sense and seem so real, in the end will evaporate into the thin mist of history, also the history of our own lives.

But our Maker knows all this and so He gave us His personal instructions, the manual about how to live, work, be, think, make love, play and enjoy yourself. This manual is nothing else but the Bible, the book of books. Throughout its history the Bible has inspired us more than any other book. Not to read it, is to deprive yourself of goal setting, running the race and reaching the finish and then of the gratifying pride of being the accomplishment of your Maker Who turns you into an image of Himself. Come on, go now and study this guide for yourself. In the end it will change everything for the better!

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