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The Third Day of Israel and the Sixth Day of Human History

In the prophecy of Hoshea the Lord predicts that the people of Israel will be visited on the second day and will be renewed (new life will be given them) on the third day. This corresponds with the Lord's story about the Samaritan who gave money for the victim for two days! Now these two days are not 2000 years as one may think, but are days of human history. The seven days are given as follows, after the analogy of Genesis chapter one. The first day is the period of conscience that leads up to the deluge. The second day is the area of government by the judges (also so named in the book of Job) that are separated and above the nations like the waters above and under. The third day starts with Abraham and introduces the history of Israel that comes to an end at the cross (land appears from the waters and verdure begins growing). The fourth day commences at Pentecost, the beginning of the Church or the Bride of Christ (the sun and the moon). The fifth day comes after the Rapture and in the fifth day the fullness of the nations will go in (the birds and the fishes that go deep and high in spiritual understanding and the great sea creatures, great men and women that will have extraordinary insight). Also the Lord and the apostle Paul speak of an unintelligent nation that will provoke Israel to jealousy. Now the Church cannot possibly be the fulness of the nations, rather the Bride is elected out of the nations. Nor can the Bride be the people that provokes Israel to jealousy, as the history of Christendom has rather accomplished the opposite with general Jewry.

The sixth day of human history must be the third day of Hoshea's prophecy, the conversion and restoration of Israel and at the beginning of this day the return of Elijah must be placed. In this day Israel comes to the fulness of man and woman, Christ and His people. The nations here are pictured as animals that Israel will have dominion over in the seventh day, the Millennium, when human history will find its rest in Christ and there will be paradise after all. It is predicted by Isaiah that the lamb will lie next to the lion and that a child will put its hand in the layer of an asp. At the end of the sixth day the beast and the antichrist, also called the false prophet, will seduce the world and terrorize the believers. At the beginning of the seventh day Christ returns and His feet will stand om mount Olive (to be distinguished from His coming in de clouds to rapture His Bride at the end of the fourth day), according to Zachariah and that mountain will split in two. Earthly Jerusalem will be lifted above all mountains and therefore mountains like the Himalayas will be brought down. In this context a global earth quake of all the tectonic plates is predicted. The eighth day stands for the new beginning and introduces the eternal heaven and earth.

Many are the prophecies that deal with the sixth and seventh days and if one were to assemble them all in a book--a gargantuan task--then one would come to an accurate and detailed understanding of prophecy about these times. All we can do here is to be brief. See also The 7 Days of Human History and its 13 Kings.

Others have argued that the new heaven and earth are represented by the seventh day, when God will rest from all His works. This cannot be correct, for in the Millennium the original plan of having humanity enjoy paradise, is set in motion. A young man will be a hundred years old and people will become as old as Methuselah again. The nations will be healed. Now how can this take place on the sixth day? It is also taught and pictured in the so-called Left Behind movies that the beast and the antichrist will appear on the global stage shortly after the resurrection and rapture of the Church. People that believe that join the sixth day with the seventh, as if they are not distinct! Moreover these days would be so short that it does not make sense. Christ says that the Father works and that He works. When the Lord returns as the lion of Judah, He will rest and be exalted and we with Him. That the Millennium must be the seventh day should also be abundantly clear from the fact that the period where the Bride is formed, must be the fourth day (the Sun of righteousness and the moon that reflects Him). Counting from there, there must clearly follow the other three days. The eternal situation is not in the first place depicted as one of the rest of humanity, but rather is the eighth day, the new and everlasting beginning.

When one sees all this one is guarded against making so-called accurate predictions about the Lord's return. The Lord Himself said to the disciples in Acts chapter one that it is not given us to know the times and occasions that the Father has put into His own authority. Yes, He says that He Himself, as a human of course, does not know the day or hour of His own coming again. How blind and proud then are people that argue that they can predict the month or year of His return; for, so they argue, it is only the day and the hour that is held from us. Those that think they can even predict the day, are so blind that it is both laughable and dangerous. Avoid them like the plague.

Prophecy is called a light and I may define this further as a light for the heart and soul, not just for the mind. If we limit ourselves to so-called intelligent knowledge, then actually we are but quibblers. And the apostle Paul warns that knowledge makes one proud...and therefore even blind. Now what then is the light of the understanding of the seven not to say eight days? First of all it is for the people that live in a particular day. In a Psalm it is even predicted what places the king of the North will conquer, one by one, so that faithful Jews can reckon with that. Therefore, also, we must desist from attempting to foretell who the beast and/or the antichrist will be. Seeing that it still takes two days before they will act on the global stage, we can safely conclude that they are not NOW among us and those that point to certain (political) figures are totally beside the point. (There are even Christians that claim that politicians in secret must be Satanists, because they are preparing the world for the time of the beast and the antichrist. Many are the hopeless conspiracy stories that are tied up with the idea that the beast and the antichrist will be manifested shortly after the Rapture). It will be abundantly clear for the faithful in that day. Therefore, if one understands all this, one is safeguarded from such aberrations and one is illuminated by the light of prophecy.

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