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That Sodom and her surrounding villages will be revived, can be readily concluded from Ezek.16.53-61. The deeper reason is that since Judah and Israel and Jerusalem in particular, have been more apostate in God's eyes than Sodom; also Sodom (who is called Jerusalem's sister) will be restored. Actually from verses 53 and 55 it may be apparent that the restitution of Sodom and Samaria will precede that of Jerusalem.

From the prophet Obadiah it can be understood that even Edom will play some kind of national role in the end time. Verse 15 refers to the day of the Lord, which is also (Is.61.2) called the day of vengeance of God. [Notice that the acceptable year is the time of the Lord's ministry (cf. Lu.4.16-20) and that, within the same verse, the vengeance speaks of the Apocalypse, the seventieth and last week of Daniel (cf. Dan.9.24-27). That is why the Lord closed the scroll, as the next phrase within the same verse would have to wait at least another two thousand years!]

In fact, different ancient (biblical) nations and various ancient great cities such as Tyre (in the form of a daughter [Ps.45.12]) and Damascus, will be revived by God. In how far this will affect today's nations with their borders, I do not know. The Middle-East, it might be said, is and will be 'in labor'; as it is also said of the Jewish nation. [See e.g. Jer.14.21; Is.26.17,18; Is.66.7 (!)(the Lord Jesus came before the national end time of child pangs)].

Nineveh and Assyria, the king of the North (see the book of Nahum), today Mosul (has in the far future nothing to do with ISIS), will be revived and subsequently destroyed by both Judah en Israel (the 10 tribes, that will have been restored then as well); after having wreaked havoc in Israel in a terrible way (cf. Micha 5.5, Joel 2 and elsewhere). The city of Tyre (itself [see Ezek. 26.21]) will not be revived. The ancient Babylon (AS situated in the present Iraq) will play no part anymore either it seems (cf. Is.14.22). There are predictions about Philistia, Egypt and other matters that still have to be fulfilled. These things will mostly take place in the Day of Wrath of the Lord (the 2nd half of the last week of Daniel during the Apocalypse; also called the time of Jacob's trouble when there will be reckonings from God with the nations and with Israel). Most Christians are not familiar with these specific prophecies, as the Catholics and Protestants presume that there is not at all a role left for Israel as God's People and that they have come in their place. Evangelicals, Baptists, Charismatics and others are not much in the know about these things either.

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