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THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT: Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Also here people have distorted the biblical meaning. Some have exaggerated the sense and claim that Christians still have to keep the literal Sabbath (like the Pharisees of old more or less and on Saturday). Others have exaggerated the Christian day of the Lord, the Sunday, and have transferred the Sabbath commandment onto the Sunday. But what about the commandment that ancient Israelites were forbidden to gather kindling? Do strict Calvinists practice this and turn off the heating on Sundays! Why is it so difficult to see that these exaggerations go against Christian freedom? Why do these Seventh Day Adventists and strict Calvinists not examine themselves in the light of ALL the Scriptures and see that their exaggerations only amount to halfhearted nonsense and, in fact, carnal religion?

On the other hand, however, there are those, perhaps mostly nominal Christians, that diminish the day of the Lord and make it as any other day. Nature decrees that the human needs a day of rest and what better day than the Sunday, when the Lord arose victoriously! What better day than this one to congregate with fellow Christians to remember the Lord and to be spoken to and to be encouraged by His Spirit!

I]   The spiritual meaning of working on the sabbath, is to do your own thing in disobedience to God. Whereas you should find rest in the Lord your God, in your disobedience to Him, you want to be your own god.

II]    In doing so, you prefer (an)other god(s). You want to be your own god through your own works instead of having the Holy Spirit work in you.

III]    By doing your own thing you make yourself independent from your Maker and so you implicitly make His Name vain. To do your own will is to say that God's will is idle and worthless, whereas He knows what is best for you. He is the omniscient One, what do you really know?

V]   'Those that are led through the Spirit are sons of God' the Scripture says; but you want to be your own spiritual 'father and mother'. This stubborn independence automatically turns you over to the 'father of the lie', that is to the devil who is called by Christ the liar and murderer from the beginning and the father of him [that lies](John 8.44).

VI]    You spiritually kill the truth that there is only rest through Christ. You keep attempting to find rest for your soul by means of your OWN activity.

VII]    Your works maybe of the highest standards, humanly speaking, but in God's eyes they are but spiritual adultery. Your so-called righteousness is but a garment of filthy rags. However the Lord offers you a shining attire of heavenly justice based on faith in Him!

VIII]   Actually by doing your own thing you try to steal everything that belongs to God and you attempt to make all things serve your own purpose. Everything belongs to God who made both you and who paid for you on the cross of Golgotha. We should therefore consider ourselves only as caretakers.

IX]    You are lying about the truth that only your Maker can give you rest in your heart. If you keep on like this, then your soul will NEVER find rest. Eternal damnation awaits those that deny the truth.

X]    You are trying to establish your own paradise. The peace that you covet is the rest that your own activities should bring you. You are fooling yourself. There is only peace and quiet in total obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ!

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