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People rather pay a lot of money to be lied to, than to hear the truth for free.

A man would throw everything away for one role in the hay...

Somebody that hides his sin, is twice as guilty and somebody that flaunts his sin is thrice as guilty.

Cursed is he that fears man more than God.

Vice causes vice and virtue causes virtue.

A skeptic of the truth becomes susceptible to a lie.

This world is not where it is at and this time is not when it is it.

People use God's blessings for themselves to play god against Him.

What is happiness when you have never known adversity.

A faith that is not tested, is not a faith, but an empty belief.

Men terrorize, women manipulate.

When you take yourself too seriously, then you do not take God seriously enough.

The theory of evolution is mass fake news...

Christians must not shine like stars to appeal to the masses, but shine for the Lord Jesus to please Him.

A Christian seeks influence, not power.

Sins are moral mistakes against God and your fellow man.

There are times in which the worst blasphemers are allowed to spew their gall, but when you hold a mirror in front of people, then you are the target of their hatred; because you ruin their nefarious game.

I am for everybody and at the same time against everybody, including myself.

To understand and live in the present, one has to digest and process the past and so advance towards the future.


After 22 generations of red roses a florist has developed a red rose that looks exactly like the once famous rose 'bewitched'. He is now sued in court for DNA plagiarism. He is confident that after 22 generations of red roses he will be able to prove that the DNA of his rose is different from its famous predecessor.

Astronomers have discovered an exoplanet, in the star system of Gemini, with a distance to a star (MA 36915) that, proportionately to the size of the star, is quite similar to the distance of the earth to the sun. It has two moons and seems to be covered by either liquid or frozen water. Scientists are steering the successor to the Hubble telescope to point it as long as possible to this 'parallel planet', in order to discover more details.

Fake news on fakebook, or not? Let me know what your impression is. But know this about yourself. You care more about your hamburgers and cola than about the truth.....

(Truth is like poetry. People hate poetry. Anonymous thinker).

Godliness plus contentness equals happiness.

The world is not a non-binding place, people. We are responsible to our fellow men and one day we will have to answer to God.

There is only one who can think in black and white terms and that is God Himself; for He knows exactly who is for Him and who not and in what degree.

If you can't do the time (eternal perdition), don't do the crime (crucifying Christ).

When a Christian speaks the truth, then his opponents say that he is judging and condemning and that he does not love his enemies. And when his opponents judge and condemn him, then they supposedly speak the truth and have a reason to hate him.

He that does not mock himself, will be mocked by God. For to take yourself too seriously is tantamount to mocking God.

Elevating yourself above somebody else is called pride, putting them down is injustice. The two go together and we are usually not conscious of either...

What the Giver has to give, we want; but the Giver Himself we do not want.

Often when almost everything seems to go right in somebody's life, then the devil is at work and when almost everything seems to go wrong in somebody's life, then God is at work.

When one preaches heaven on basis of Christ's sacrifice, you are f'ed off to hell and when you warn for a real hell, they say that we all deserve heaven. Do you affirm both, then both are denied and when you deny both places they will admit that maybe there is something.

Every family is dysfunctional in greater or lesser measure, but the Lord can strike straight with a crooked stick.

Somebody that has success and is proud about it, outside of God, is just as sinful as somebody that has bad luck and is depressed about it. Both want to play god. An inferiority and a superiority complex have the same root. Actually, somebody that feels superior, does have an inferiority problem and somebody that feels inferior, has a superiority problem. Only the Lord Jesus was normal, healthy and balanced.

Creationists believe that everything comes out of nothing and evolutionists believe that everything started with nothing. Both are wrong. Everything comes out of God.

The Lord wants us to be broken of heart, not destroyed...

The essential difference between religion and a born-again relationship with Christ is summed up: "Do or DONE" (Anonymous)

Christ Jesus is the measure of everything and everybody.

If you love death, you will be destroyed by death. Every sin committed, no matter how small in our eyes, is love of death.

When you have been born again, love your new nature and hate your old nature. (Jesus: He that hates his own soul in this world will preserve it for eternal life. Solomon: A wise man loves his own soul.)

When you fear God, you do not have to be afraid anymore. (Anonymous Christian)

Every vice is within every vice. Every virtue is within every virtue. There is a first Adam, there is a last Adam. There is an old nature, there is a new nature.

Time is relative, but not absolutely relative. The Work of the Cross, however, is absolute and can never be undone. Time moves forward.

"Dear professors and students, what I am about to say now goes deeper than the highest thoughts by Albert Einstein. It sums up all wisdom and is the formula to end all formulas. So pay attention, you may never hear this again: 'Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so; little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me...' "

Because God is infinite and we finite, heaven will become more beautiful all the time. Never will there be a moment when we will say that we have seen it all.

The Lord must increase, I must decrease and unto all eternity He will grow and I will become smaller in my own eyes. And the more I decrease, the more I actually increase.

There are more infidels than the fundamentalists think. Moslems are ALSO unbelievers and we are ALL fallen descendants of Adam and Eve.

Humility prevents humiliation.

Love the sinner, but hate the sin; and do not forget that this also applies to yourself...

All people are equal, but everybody is unique!

True intuition is a form of magic.

Practice makes perfect, but adverse experience drills one for wisdom.

Don't let an incident become an accident!

To put a label on people is to play god over them.

A superiority complex goes together with an inferiority complex.

If you feel superior over your fellow man, then you feel superior over your Maker.

If you are not aware of the animal within yourself, you are bound to treat others like animals.

Facts are stupid things until brought in line with underlying principles. (Louis Agassiz).

Learn a lot of 'technique' and then forget all you have learned and go with the flow of the 'music'!

If you do not gather treasures in heaven, you are an enemy of the Lord of heaven...

Stop your Christian progress and sooner or later you will regress...

quantity equals capacity times potential

If you stimulate your potential and you apply your capacity, then you will not fail to produce something, given you are in the environment the Lord wants you to be.

quality equals input multiplied by time

When you take the necessary time and use it to apply your careful attention, then you will achieve something that lasts, given you are in the will of the Lord.

balance is the combination of two or more magnitudes weighed in harmony

You will reach a state of equilibrium in your life, if you harmonize your priorities in a spirit of Christian Love. In that case they will enhance each other in the scales of 'justice', instead of working against each other.

a beneficial circle consists of two poles that drive something upwards

You will be blessed greatly in your life if and when you believe the Word and obey it.

Is there a difference between killer cops and cop killers!?

In the revelation of the word of the Lord we find everything that we need to live in creation and in creation we have everything that we need to apply revelation. A creational approach (and study) to life without revelation is dead and revelation without a creational approach (and study) to life, is lame!

I only will start believing in advertisements when advertisers are advertising each other's products and certainly will not deprecate each other...

A true theologian is somebody that is devoted to holiness.

Exaggerated holiness leads to hypocrisy.

Crankiness is irritation and irritation rests in the bosom of fools...

Sins cause wounds (and they stay open as long as you sin).

Sad becomes mad. (If you stay sad too long, then you become ((too)) angry). (Joyce Meyer)

Mercy is that we do not receive what we deserve and grace is that we receive what we do not deserve. (A Christian)

The gospel is not bound by time, but time is bound by the gospel! (Anonymous)

We make a living by what we receive, but we make a life by what we give...(Winston Churchill)

You're not a failure until you stop trying...(Albert Einstein)

Men are exhibitionistic, women are inhibitionistic!

Men hunt, women ask (but "a woman hunts the precious soul" ((Solomon)) )...

Old ideas die hard.

The greatest crime against humanity is the denial of Christ Jesus, the Son of man...

What is a philosopher else but a masturbator of the mind!?

Show me a philosopher that does not masturbate with his mind and I will show you a faithful Christian...

The somebody's will become nobody's and the nobody's somebody's. And the nobody's under the nobody's will become the somebody's under the somebody's.

Everybody's own pain is his worst pain.

Every sinner imagines his own Jesus...

The Lord Jesus is the first and the last and everything in between!

An employer or governor should be respected in the first place, not loved or feared.

Dogmatism is the fossilized attempt to keep the tradition going.

Nescio ut discam: I know not so I may learn!

Everything with moderation, including, at times, the moderation itself!

God wants to be asked!

One must have a lot of love of self to keep hammering away in arguing that selflove is evil. Moreover, it says that we are to love our fellow man as ourselves...

It says that the wise man loves his own soul and Paul states that nobody has ever hated his own flesh, but he feeds and nurtures it. However the Lord also states that he that hates his own soul in this world, will keep it forever.

We must therefore not confuse the old nature, the old man, the old Adam, with the new man, the new nature, after the second man and last Adam (the Lord). The first is to be hated, the second is to be loved. The first is to be starved to death and the second is to be nurtured that it may grow on in the Lord.

To love the Lord Jesus means to love life, for He is the Life.

One must have a lot of respect of self to argue that all self-respect is unbiblical...



Luxury without wisdom is the kitsch of the fool.

He that becomes elevated too much, will jump down (also literally so) and he that stares in the fire too much will jump into it!

In other words, if you get TOO high (not only on drugs and/or liquor!), you will come down and if you are too obsessed, you will victimize yourself (and others).

Born for Paradise, we get stuck in the universe, we all incur a blow; but there is hope . . .

Vice breeds more vice; but virtue encourages even more virtue!

Conversion=Heart Revolution;

True conversion (and repentance) is a matter of turning around in the heart (and not just in the mind or one's feelings).

Praying=Talking with God

Know the Lord, then you will know yourself!

Satan tempts; God tests!

Loneliness=Pain of being alone;

Solitude=Glory of being alone.


To remain faithful to Christ=To remain faithful to yourself and His calling for you.


He that is not small in faithful things, is not small in great things either!

You might notice that it should be: 'He that is faithful in small matters, is also faithful in great matters.'
Yet, it takes a certain measure of humility and of putting oneself down, to be able to remain faithful (small in pride) both in small and great things.
It is a kind of strength that enables one to handle also luxury.


"The person that sins against me (true Wisdom), violates his/her own soul (Proverbs 8. 36)."
According to 1 Corinthians 1. 24 and 30 Christ Jesus is the Wisdom of God.


Sow a thought and you will reap an act. Sow an act and you will reap a habit. Sow a habit and you will reap a character. Sow a character and you will reap an eternal destiny.

Singing=Praying Doubly!

Wicked people have no desire to sing (let alone in honor of God).

Beauty is but skin-deep.

Many a man thinks that if only he would possess a beautiful woman, then he would be happy and everything would be alright. But that is not what Solomon meant when he said that 'He that has found a wife, has found a good thing and has obtained favor from the Lord.' At the end of his Proverbs he concludes: 'Gracefulness is deceit and beauty is vanity; but a woman that fears the Lord, will be praised.' And he could know it, for he had had a thousand wives!

True Love is the sum of all virtues.

(So also something like etiquette is based on the attention of love).

When the going gets tough, then the tough get going.

(And when the tough get going, then the going gets even tougher. And when the going gets even tougher, then the even tougher get going. And when the even tougher get going, the going gets toughest and when the going gets toughest the toughest get going and then victory is near!)

"Be not wise in your own eyes..." "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding" (Prov. 3. 5 and elsewhere).

Therefore you must open yourself up to the Lord and so the level of intelligence is not static but dynamic!

Count your bills; count them one by one. Count your setbacks; count them one by one. Count the insults; count them one by one. And then you will never see God's love anymore in anyone . . .

When the churches are made from gold, then the Christians are made from wood;
and when the churches are made from wood, then the Christians are made from gold!

"Read your bible, pray everyday, if you want to grow!"

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