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  1. The Privacy Policy for Visitors holds for everyone that visits the Web site www.is888.info.

    The website www.is888.info is managed by Institutio Scripturarum. You can find the contact data on this page. Institutio Scripturarum is not aiming at profit in the first place, but ideologically presents as much of its Christian material as possible free of charge; for the spiritual, emotional and intellectual well-being of the reader or listener.

    The visitor of our sites, therefore, is free at his/her own discretion to pass on, or even to spread--through whatsoever means by any electronic device, mail, print, phone or lecture--the information found here to third parties, if for free. However, if you want to do this on a large scale, let us know. We may suggest that you refer to the source. The rights remain ours.

  2. Newsletter:
    Institutio Scripturarum sends out a free ezine once a month. This electronic magazine consists of material found on the Web site. The subscription can be cancelled at any time by clicking the link meant for this found at the bottom of a number. Here you can subscribe to our ezine.

  3. Data of visitors:
    Some data that result from one or more visits to www.is888.info are preserved permanently, but anonymously. Therefore the data will never lead to a person or organization. Institutio Scripturarum takes care that these data are stored in a protected environment.

    In compliance with European rules we do not collect or store IP-addresses. These are anonymized through Google Analytics. This means that we cannot trace you personally on the basis of your IP-address.

    We do have a Google Analytics account, but hardly use it. We do not measure the usefulness of our site by the number of visitors.

    Institutio Scripturarum can use the data supplied by the visitor or customer for the following purposes:

    Sending one or more emails, such as--but not restricted to--in which inlog data are mentioned or asked. (Incidentally) asking attention for a product or pointing out to other information, a tip, idea, etc., of which Institutio Scripturarum thinks that it can contribute to a more successful site for the visitor.

  4. Cookies:
    Institutio Scripturarum employs cookies for the functionality of the site. Cookies are small textfiles that are placed on the computer of the visitor by a page. In a cookie information is stored such as about the preferences of the visitor. In that way Institutio Scripturarum can serve the visitor better the next time.

      Institutio Scripturarum
    • uses Google Analytics-cookies ;
    • has made a user agreement with Google ;
    • masks the last octet of IP-adresses in all pages;
    • has switched off 'sharing of data';
    • does not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics-cookies.

    The visitor can decide for him/herself how to deal with cookies. For a browser can be instructed to allow, partially allow or forbid the use of cookies. In the latter case a visitor can determine what sites are allowed to place cookies. With all other sites cookies then are forbidden. This possibility is offered by most modern browsers. Cookies can also and always be removed from the computer at a later date, also through the browser.

  5. Questions:
    Visitors can contact us with their questions about this Privacy Policy. The contact data are mentioned on the site in member 1 of the Privacy Policy.

  6. Disclaimer:
    Institutio Scripturarum has the right to change the content of this Privacy Policy without informing the visitor. The change can be seen here, but is unlikely.

    The Privacy Policy for Customers is an addition to the Privacy Policy for Visitors and holds for everyone that places an order with Institutio Scripturarum.

  7. Data that are supplied by the customer:
    Institutio Scripturarum can use the data supplied by the customer for the following purposes:

    1a. Processing the order.

    1b. The sending of one or more emails in connection with the order, such as, but not restricted to, a mail in which inlog data are mentioned or asked for.

    1c. The (incidental) mail to ask attention for a product, idea or piece of information, etc., of which Institutio Scripturarum thinks that it will further the cause of the visitor/customer.

  8. Data to third parties:

    Data supplied by the visitor/customer to Institutio Scripturarum will never be passed on to a third party. However there is an exception to this rule:
    When a juridical subpoena has been ordered to hand over the information.

    The data supplied by the visitor/customer to Institutio Scripturarum, are stored in a protected environment.

  9. Change in data:
    The visitor/customer has the possibility and right to change the supplied data or have them erased. Institutio Scripturarum in that case is allowed to ask the customer to change the data in a way determined by Institutio Scripturarum. In isolated cases we might ask for a legitimization.

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