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I know a certain man

That roamed the face of this earth,

Unknown to all, but all known to Him.

Guess who now if you can,

He came to quench our dire dearth,

To brighten eyes, with sin grown so dim.

His true identity

Remains a riddle this day,

But all important for every soul.

Who has th'ability

To see the gold in His clay?

Descry not part but that very whole!

Guiltless condemned to die,

Maltreated for the one crime

That robs us all from our innocence.

Believers of that lie,

We'd spend our very last dime

To satisfy this grave malevolence--

From all the grim past of time

His creatures fell in this sin,

The wish to conquer His claim to fame.

Though made of simple lime,

We make from peace a hell's din,

To play like wildmen this fatal game.

O blissful, greatest One,

Exterminate the last root,

Of this my baneful, sinful desire.

The day that Thou art done,

When I am cleansed from this dirty soot,

I will adore Thee, praise, laud, 'n admire!

Chris Bouter

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