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All the religions of the earth

Are wanton idols of vanity,

Worsening the spiritual dearth,

And pushing people's insanity.

None have found balance in the truth,

Or harmony in God's mystery.

Blind are their minds, emptied of ruth,

To hear another man's mastery.

Twofold is sin's slippery slope.

The one does end in depravity,

Starting with reason as one's hope;

But ending mocking with levity.

Th'other enthrones man's human soul,

And elevates strict severity.

Crowning emotion with head role,

It drowns in a drunken man's verity.

Though the Creator made us whole,

We tear apart our four entities;

Only to play god like a mole

That thinks his holes are amenities.

Some there are that fall in a pit

Where satan hides games of mimickry.

There souls he secures with a lid,

His deepest mine of hellish trickery.

God howe'er can free every soul

From satan's strong moves of strategy.

God would still, friend, render you whole,

'n Deliver you from sin's panoply.


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