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Behold how good and how pleasant

For brothers to dwell in unity!

When both the rich man and the peasant

Seek no evil with impunity.

For when gentle wisdom upbraideth,

Soon the one the other aideth.

Like precious ointment and like fresh dew,

So special is Philadelphian Love.

By God's appointment they share th'old pew;

The Spirit, as a dove, hovering above.

For there God commands His rich blessing,

Where all hearts in Love's garb are dressing.

Alas! When all is well and fine,

The restless and wicked heart must say:

"Let there be mischief and let me pine

To disrupt the union 'n Love betray!"

Pride, fear, vanity make a foul mixture;

Many the vices that tear at Love's texture.

O Love, give me your gems and treasures!

By you only is virtue power.

And nothing does yield greater pleasures

Than vistas from your heavenly tower.

Ah Lord, lift me up from my ego's dregs

To walk thy path with strengthened legs!

<chris bouter>

Love is the highest virtue. It is also eternal. Even faith is only temporary,

for it is a conviction that is to be fulfilled. All virtues hinge on love.

The bible teaches that love sums up all the laws of responsibility.

Actually love is a well of spontaneity, whose waters overflow the boundaries of duty.

God is Love!

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