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My Treasure

Everyone has a treasure,

Every heart a place,

With which he tries to measure

Whether life has grace.

But nothing reached the fulness

Found in you alone.

And none are solely goodness,

Bound before your throne.

Everyone has an idol

Every heart a rest

With which he attempts to bridle,

Be the very best.

Let mé be but a servant

Out to serve them all.

May I be ever fervent,

Ready for your call.

You are my certain treasure,

You my only Lord.

Outside you there's no pleasure,

Draw me with a cord.

And then in heaven's regions

You I will adore,

With all the holy legions

You I please the more.

Our cry is Abba Father,

Christ the mighty Priest.

Our song is nothing rather

But for Him to feast.

<chris bouter>

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