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O my God, I want to sing,

For you keep giving great delight,

To enjoy just everything,

Hooray, how blissful is this sight.

Ears to hear a mouth to speak,

Bright eyes to see plus hands and feet,

Swift to work and joy to seek,

And so much more makes me complete.

What great wonder all alive,

Look blood throughout my veins does rill.

Just to see the way I thrive

Ah, gives me such a throbbing thrill.

Arms wide opened, I am given,

As steady snow falls to the ground,

All your blessings pearls from heaven,

With angels' music all around.

O just hear the angels sing,

"How great and deep are thy Hands' feats,

When we see thy Bride, oh King

We want to see Her future Feasts.

Yes, my friends this is so true,

For Treasures great has JAH in store,

Up beyond the sky deep blue,

And they will always grow to more.

The Sun of my Joy will never droop,

As ever higher it will rise,

Zenith on Zenith it does group,

Increasingly great in Scope and Size!

Chris Bouter

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