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O God, I need your protection!

O God, I need your love.

O God, I need your affection.

O God, I need your everything.

O God, I feel like Job.

O God, every christian is normally protected with a

hedge that reaches to your throne.

But satan has asked you to take down that hedge.

O God, I am not like Job.

O God, I feel that every fibre in my being

trembles with fear, with anger, with rebellion.

Hasten to my help, oh God!

Please, o God, don't allow satan to test and tempt me any longer!

O God, it feels like this world is a waterless desert,

a treacherous jungle,

a pandemonium,

a bedlam,

a place of war, of delusions, of constant pain

suffering and sorrow.

O God, it feels like heaven is made of an

astronomical number in kilometres of concrete,

barbed wire and mines.

What is the use, if you keep on praying for years

and you land more and more from the existential frying pan

into the fire of demonic torture?

It feels like a horde of demons is out to persecute me,

to terrorize me

to drive me to the ultimate edge of despair.

Why don't you answer me, o God?


I cannot go on so any longer.

Please, come to my rescue.

Please, bless me now, or let me die.

At least then I am with you

and with all the saints.

(chris bouter)

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