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Ode to Merry Mary

I always wanted to mary a woman

that was

a beauty,

a genius,

a saint,

and an angel,

all rolled in one.

When I thought I had found her,


remained cool.

Perhaps she thought that


might be

a beast,

a dummy,

a bastard,

and a demon.

So I just married merry Mary.

We were

two opposite ends of the stick.

She was merry,

I was gloomy.

She an extravert

I an introvert.

She loved the handicapped and the simple

I adored heroes and great minds.

I rejected her from the start,

Not seeing in her

the beauty

the genius

the saint

or the angel of my dreams.

My egoism

turned me into

a beast

a dummy

a bastard

and a demon.

She grew colder and colder

until she packed her bags.

Then I realized the love

that could have been

and begged her to return,

promising her the world.

When she came back

I hardened my heart like Pharao

and she went into the desert of the world

never to return.

Now I see that all I should have done

was to look for

the beauty

the genius

the saint

the angel

that was Mary.

If I had recognized her and honored her for


also I would have been

a beauty

a genius

a saint

an angel--

But now I am, you know what!