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Nightly Vision

one blessed night i fell asleep

in calm repose i started dreaming

two steeds appeared from my mind's deep

an angel led with face all beaming

the twowinged stallion i did mount

the female unicorn preceding

so we ascended heavenbound

while th'angel winging up was leading

and thus we entered th'Almighty's own house

before His greatness i dismounted

and felt e'en smaller than a mouse

yes, worthy of death myself i counted

but then i saw His graceful smile

beheld His Son's inviting nodding

and prone i fell just for a while

then started shedding tears and sobbing

my joy my Saviour's feet made wet

then bravely i did raise my body

the outstretched hand of the Almighty i met

and grasped it trembling, oh so groggy

no word was said, a silent scene

for books could not describe the meaning

though all the world wise men had been

so deep this moment full this feeling

and as i turned from the Almighty His white throne

i saw an angel, it was Michael

i asked him for the task, his own

'to guard the real Jews from demons like Bel'

then satan entered with his hordes

he asked permission as the tempter

to fool the earthlings with his lords

the world as ever he contemned her

the Almighty told him he could go as far

as they His laws and truths were leaving

from wild schemes did the Almighty him bar

as long as faithful Jews and Christians were 'cleaving'

then from my dream i did awake

to ponder whole this nightly vision

'the heavens, the earth, one whole, one make!'

i saw it then with great precision.

<chris bouter>

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