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A thousand years

Have gone with the wind.

But also every day full

As if it were a thousand years.

Therefore, a millennium is:

1000 × 365 × 1000!

And during all these years

I played god over you

And you played god over me.

And he, or she, was the odd one out,

The clown, the victim.

And the real God?

He was watching . . .

In all His Holiness . . .

In all His Wisdom . . .

In all His Love . . .

Waiting, waiting, waiting . . .

Till you, or I, or he, or she,

Would brake the vicious circle.

O lay your ego on His altar;

Die the 'death' of Love . . .

And be born again a true human.

There is freedom, yes life in that sacrifice!

<chris bouter>

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