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There once was darkness in my soul.

My heart was far from being whole.

But God His Spirit was at work,

And marvel wrought despite the murk.

Yes, lost I was in all my gloom.

Awaited me a damning doom.

But God said: "Let there now be light!"

And so He clothed me all in white.

Two natures now in me do strive.

The one brings death, the other life.

My war is not 'gainst blood and flesh,

With armies upon high I clash.

The dry did then appear in time,

Containing treasures gold and lime,

Yes, trees and plants that bore their fruit.

And I grew slowly from the root.

O Sun so righteous, shine in me,

And like the moon reflect thee free!

And though this vale bring me no joy,

At least increase my weight in troy.

In higher spheres may I soar,

As God increases blessings more.

As butter curded from the milk,

So pain now weaves a dress of silk.

At last it's Christ Who reigns in me.

At last I'm more than ever free.

Transformed from glory unto more,

I'm changed a Christian to the core.


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