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The Little Things

O God, I want to thank you

For all the little things in life!

Without these things we can't do,

Because the world with them is rife.

O woe is me, misled fool,

For chasing rainbow mysteries.

When I should keep myself cool,

I dream of great men's histories.

The human greater things are

Like castles in the sky, just mist.

As stars their distance is far,

Nor can you hold them in your fist.

It's only God that means great.

If greatness there is found in man,

It's grace that gives us such state.

It can't be reached by human plan.

So soul that strives for great things.

Your end will be the dunce's cap.

For when you think to grow wings,

Your fame will snap by thunder clap.

There's beauty, great and firm too,

For every humble eye that looks.

Yes, simple wisdom is the cue,

And everything so many books.

<chris bouter>

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