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Just as I am,

I come to you, Jesus Lord.

Not what I am,

But that I come, matters, Lord.

Just as I can,

I pray to you, Savior King.

Not what I can,

But that I pray, counts, o King.

Teach me to be,

A humble child, even son.

Not just to be,

But that I'm yours, give, o Sun.

Give me to love,

With Christ-like force, Mighty All.

Not just to love,

But all in You, You in all.

Guide me to live,

A man that cares, Leader God.

Not just to live,

But with my heart, Loving God.

Help me to give,

As you gave me, Jesus Christ.

Not just to give,

But very self, Shepherd Christ.

Just as you are,

I come to you, Jesus Lord.

Not just what you are,

But that you're mine, matters, Lord.

(Frederick Christopher Bouter)

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