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Behold, I 'saw' the Almighty

With his hands stretched forward.

His eyes were soft and so sightly

And his arms held stalwart.

Pure energies were a-streaming

From the left and from the right.

Hands, holy, godly and beaming,

Full of magic, full of might.

I saw that they were a-sending

Waves of golden woven light.

His head was nodding and bending;

Joy they spoke about this sight.

His crown was higher than heaven,

His feet were deeper than hell.

His voice the wording had given;

His world was mountain and dell.

An angel triad was blowing,

Fluttering behind his throne;

On trumpets with jewels as sowing:

While the hosts of saints lay prone.

The universe was a-blazing.

The sun and moon were in the sky.

The planets, stars were amazing.

The vision, lo, was very high.

Then I saw a lovely couple,

Upheld by the waves of gold.

Moves they made so gentle, supple.

The one did the other well hold.

Boldly I asked the Omnipotent:

'Who is this Man, who is this Woman?'

Wisely did answer the Omniscient:

'You know this Man, you know this Woman.'

Then gladly I started a-singing.

The chorus of heaven joined in.

The beasts leapt, the birds were a-winging.

And this is the song I did begin.

"O, they are the mind and soul.

They make to mean and to be whole.

Reason they are and emotion,

Calmness and gleeful commotion.

They are the King and Queen

Of heaven and of earth.

The greatest sight e'er seen,

The fountain of pure mirth.

They are past and future eternity.

They are Christ Himself and His Bride.

They are Fatherhood, lifegiving Maternity.

They are rulers globally wide.

They are united for life.

They are dancing the harmony.

They are the Husband, the Wife.

Blest the fruit of their matrimony!"

Then answered me the Omnipresent:

'At long last you are right.

Your types did start much like a crescent,

But full moon is now in sight.'

<chris bouter>

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