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All that is Holy & Hallowed

I have raped in my wicked heart.

For this I deserve an eternal burning.

All I was, crazy and harrowed;

I have tried my unholy part.

For this I fell in hapless curning.

All that is grace & mercy

I received in my repentent breast;

With this the All in all.

All that is heaven 'n earthy,

Is my ever swelling crest.

For Christ's the call of call.

All to praise my Lord for ever and ever!

See you then, how beast of beasts

Is being saved, worked out salvation.

Alone the foes, no Lord, totally never.

Warned you then; their part the beast's,

Salted with ever burning negation.

Powers that be, human or angelic,

Have no avail against my Lord's plan.

Await me crowns and robes celestial.

Hours yet are, days or years salvific;

God Almighty will make me whole man.

Heir with Him of all above, on and under terrestrial.


16 & 17 March, 2008.

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