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Let thy golden love o'erwhelm my heart,

Let it like a dove descend on my soul.

May it set on fire my every part.

May it make my being healthy and whole.

Nothing's better but to burn for thee.

Nothing's greater than to grow on in God.

Spirit energy, o flow now free,

Fill my vessel full with sundry and odd!

Thou didst sacrifice thyself for me,

All thou had'st thou spent on Calvary's cross.

All the universe was made by thee,

Yet apart from me thou thought it a loss.

Give desire in thy Person always.

Give me to delight in thy holy will.

Let me follow thy footsteps all days.

Give me strength the flesh to fell 'n wholly kill!

Sin is violence against one's soul.

Sin is quenching of the Spirit of God.

Turn me white as snow from black as coal.

Make me humble, also wise now my God.

Until thou wilt call me to thy house,

And I graduate from life's trying school.

Lord, among thy saints I'm just a mouse,

For the world another miscarried fool.

Judah's bold and mighty lion thou,

King of th''animals' now faithfully wake.

Pledge thy blessed, godly bond and vow,

Never leave me, nor abandon, forsake.

Let me learn to love with all my heart,

All my power, understanding, and soul.

Fly now, live a dove the airy art;

Heaven's home, eternity is the goal!

Chris Bouter

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