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Heal Me!

Heal my broken heart,

O Lord Jesus!

Let thy magic touch and heal.

Seal again the part,

O Lord Jesus,

Opened on my side.

Make my spirit full of zeal,

O Lord Jesus.

Cancel out the past,

Made me so downcast.

Heal my stunted walk,

Lord Jesus!

Let thy Love o'erwhelm my all.

Hallow more the talk,

Lord Jesus,

Harrowed by my spite.

Make me worthy of thy call,

Lord Jesus.

Setting out the task,

Feed me from thy flask.

Make me wisdom rife,

O Lord!

Let me change from woe to weal.

Lead again my life,

O Lord,

Halted by my pride.

Make me go on even keel,

O Lord;

Letting out the strife,

Free me from its gripe.

Share thy Godly dish,


Let my soul thy Love do feel.

Bless again my wish,


Hindered by my slight.

Make me partake of thy meal,


Tree-like from the seed,

Grow me till we meet!

F.C. Bouter

November 12th, 2007

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