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Godly Childhood

Just as I am, o Lord, I come.

Make me trust like a little child.

Just as I am, emotions numb.

Make me meek, make me o so mild.

Just as I am, undone, help me.

Make me feel always Thy great love.

Just as I am, I come to to thee.

Make me free, harmless, like a dove.

Just as I am, please, heal my pain.

Make me walk hand in hand with Thee.

Just as I am, can't stand this rain.

Make me new, make a newer me.

Just as I am, o give Thy hand.

Make me love, make me also wise.

Just as I am, I sink in sand.

Make me low, cut me down to size.

Just as I am, o Abba Dad,

Make me live, Thou art all I need.

Just as I am, so good so bad.

Make me shine, just a little bead.

Thanks and Amen.

[And the peace that transcends all

understanding fills my heart. Phil. 4:7]

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