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January 11th and 12th, 2008.

From the Heart

Help me to act from the heart

O Lord;

No tiring must!

Strengthen thy pact every part,

No miring rust.

Bless my praying ev'ry aim

O Lord;

No hind'ring curse.

Make a-staying in thy fame,

No wasting the purse.

My own pride must be the worst

O Lord;

So you're letting me be.

Make me least instead of first.

My fretting they see.

Wash me whiter than snow

O Lord;

Hallowing myself.

Make me sightly sun glow,

Reflecting thyself.

Help me pray for power

O Lord;

My lips no plaint.

Make me never cower,

Fear dips nor faint.

Fill me with thyself

O Lord,

Treasure of my heart.

Ever make me delve

Thy soul's ev'ry part.

<chris bouter>

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