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Two blessed blokes shrewdly slink their way

Through the murk of the night, be they what they may.

They purpose play evil minds condemn.

Just th'other day they agreed a soul to contemn.

"That woman, widow of Leroy, is so awesome beautiful;

What would I but give to possess her a nightful!"

"Fat chance! That Christian girl, she sees you not,

Unless you force her by a plot."

The devilish design clinched,

A drink downed to the deal;

Forward with hearts like hounds they inched.

So they pressed upon destiny hers and theirs the seal.

In a lone farm they muffled the scary shrieks,

Beating their heavy blows upon her rosy cheeks;

Until they had had their fill

And foolish fun had forced its will.

From paradise up above

She now looks down upon these blokes;

Her soul, set free a dove,

They under eternal, burning yokes.

She thanks her Maker for salvation;

They groan under everlasting condemnation.

Woe to the world for offences,

Woe to them that let them be.

Therefore, put up your hearts' defences

And see to it that you are free.

<chris bouter>

In honor of Mariëlle de Geus and similar victims.

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