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God, o bless my mom and dad

With healthy age and joy.

After all it's they that had

Me born as their young boy.

I was carried as a prince

Those nine months thanks to Thee.

Nor neglected since

That seed became the me.

Mom, I thank you very much

That you took care to raise

Me with such a loving touch.

Your patience earns my praise.

Dad, I'm grateful for your work.

You forced your brains to give

Bread and shelter from night's murk.

That's why I now do live.

Most of all I eulogize

The bible truths I learned;

Yes, the prayers that did rise

And well to God me turned.

Therefore let's be lifted up

In body, mind and soul.

Together let us drink the cup

That will God's Name extoll.

For a family will find

Great love and joy and charm;

Yes, of good things every kind,

In Jesus' Name and Arm.

Chris Bouter

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