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(January 28th, 1984)

Erna, my wife, I love you!

You're the most beautiful to me,

Ever since that first then woo,

When you laughed, girl, hee, hee, hee!

When that passion welled up

At the clumsiest try to kiss.

When you pressed my hand to your thigh;

Which made me half drunk, my miss!

When I tried the first embrace

And searched for the soft parts

And hardly dared to pass the lace,

Afraid to be killed by love's darts.

Ever since you were mine

You've grown to be a princess.

And you'll follow that line

To become queen, yes and empress!

I really do love you, darling!

Yes my rose, you are my treasure . . .

Your voice like soft bells go kling, kling!

And your entire self is my pleasure.

O Erna, forgive all the wrong

That I may have done to you

And help me make my love so strong

That I'll do anything for you.

For I want to serve you, my love.

I want your eyes to be like a dove's.

For that sparkle amazes me

And that is why I shout hoozee!


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