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(Come Now!)

The Lord Jesus is a-coming

Like a hart on the hills a-running!

To assemble His biding bride

From the ends and from far and wide.

With a trumpet, with shout a-summing

His omnipotent strength becoming;

All the saints He will resurrect,

The whole household of faith collect.

On the clouds He will be uniting

All the names of the holy writing.

The long dead He will then make warm,

The last living will He transform.

To His Father us so a-bringing

Holy angels with us a-singing;

After settling th'account of sins,

Through the fire making sure each wins.

Celebration, celestial wedding,

Coronation, eternal setting;

Clad in justice, our byssus robes;

Adoration and joy our codes.

O Lord Jesus, for e'er declaring,

All thy treasures with us a-sharing;

Thou art Priest, true Melchisedek.

Thou art ours, our yoke bore thy neck.

Abba Father, it's thy conceiving,

Through the Spirit made us believing.

To all aeons our pledge we pay,

Evermore just thy Name we say.

<Chris Bouter>

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