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When I lay my burden down

When I lay my burden down,

God frees my spirit's chain;

I will don a heaven's gown,

And Christ Himself my gain.

Sweet the moment I go up

Released from earthly care;

To die no bitter cup,

For me no nightly mare.

Angels then will carry me

Across the starry space,

Bringing me so up to thee

To see thee face to face.

Death's no longer foe to me,

A servant by God's will.

Certain, but no sting is she,

Old Adam she will kill.

Then at last I will be home,

The place with treasures rife.

'Waits me crown and kingly dome,

And Christ Himself my life!

Then my life long certain hope

Will spring th'eternal fount.

Not by trial I will cope,

Immortal I will count.

Lord, my God, to thee I come,

To sing midst heaven's choir.

Abba Father, now it's done.

Now robe me in new attire.

<chris bouter>

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