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O Canada, I love you much!

In winter time your hills are white.

And when there sun beams snow do touch,

Yes, then is earth's cloak so bright

That this, indeed a majesty,

Me blinds, so great its brilliancy.

In spring your so dear life revives

And nature freshly scent does spread.

O, overwhelmed by all new lives,

I lay midst trees on wood's green bed.

Impressed by all creation's sight,

I could not think for pure delight.

And of your summer sure I'm fond.

When basked by the beaming ball,

Or splashing in a sparkling pond,

I as a child my Maker call:

'O Daddy, fine that you gave life,

And both created man and wife.'

Behold the royal mien of fall.

How bright her traits, like rainbow's sight.

Wind's play arrays with her leaves all

Your land, when it does show her might.

God bless you, friend, and all that's yours.

Let Him, your Maker, lead your course.

Frederick Christopher Bouter

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