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With open eye,

With open ear,

O Lord,

To also vie,

To also hear,

Right chord;

Give me these twain,

O King:

Free me from bane,

I sing.

With all my heart,

With all my soul,

O Lord,

In every part,

In every role,

Right sword;

Live me this life,

O say!

Grant me my wife,

I pray...

With total will,

With total mind,

O Lord,

The flesh to kill,

With all its kind,

Right sort;

Make me this do,

My All:

Take me for you,

I call.

Thank you for all,

Thank you for you,

O Lord,

Moment of call,

Moment of you,

Right port;

Vistas enough,

Or more?

When smooth, not rough,

Or longer?

christophoreus abbani

25th & 29th of January, 2008

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