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O Lord my God!

Would you but give me the pinions of an eagle,

That I may wing up to your throne,

To offer the praise of my heart to you alone.

Would you but give me the strength of a lion,

That I might scale mount Zion,

To proclaim your good tidings to all the world.

Would you but give me the lucidity of the full moon,

That I might declare your word distinctly,

In this sublunar vale of tears,

During the night of this present darkness.

Would you but give me the sweet scent of the rose of Sharon,

That I might attract people's attention,

And make them jealous through my composure for your sake.

Would you but give me Solomon's wisdom,

And his judicious sword,

To cut right from wrong, and to discern good from evil.

Would you but give me the patience of an angel,

To abide your times, o King,

Sovereign Lord of the universe!.

Would you but give me the love of Jesus Christ,

That I might spend myself as your lowliest servant,

In the holy service of your blessed will.

You have filled the bellows with air, o Lord!

I must sound forth your adoration

Through the pipes of the organ of language.

Would you but rend the heavens now, o Lord!

I would prostrate myself in the dust,

To kiss your holy feet,

To wet them with tears of compunction,

With tears of joy,

With tears of adoration--

Great is your creation, o God.

Greater your faithfulness, o God.

Greatest your future, o God.

Let all the creatures in heaven and upon earth,

Sing with mighty ring,

The praises of your thrice holy Name!

Dalfsen, Sunday March 1, 1992.

After an evening service.

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