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A daughter was born unto us,

A second Dutchanian Canadiana.

After much thought she is called thus:

Amanda Catharina Parousiana.

O our little girl, be lovable,

For that is what your first, Latin name wants to mean.

Add to this also enjoyable,

And we'll say that never a better girl has been.

Your second name is well known,

But its Greek meaning badly understood.

Pure and undefiled its tone,

That is for what the original stood.

Let us keep it so all the way.

Never betray the tears that make me write.

C'mon and play the angel day by day,

And never be a devil in the night.

Let your thoughts be wise music

And your words a continuous blessing.

Don't e'en keep your last tunic

From the pauper that needs a bit o' dressing.

Your third name, ah Parousiana!

Never was a girl called so strange,

Not from here to Louisiana,

Yes, not e'en within global range.

It bespeaks the second coming

Of Jesus the Savior, yes the Messiah.

Through Him all things will be becoming

For what they were meant by the mighty God Jah.

Now, honor this triple name.

Let it be like a sturdy threefold cord,

Which in your heart binds the aim

To praise th' Almighty with a triune accord.

LOVE from dad (June 12th, 1983).

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