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Unto us a child was born,

From the Hand of God received.

At noon, just after it was morn,

She came, and were our minds relieved.

God, we thank thee for her health.

Thou it was Who gav'st it all.

Oh bless her greatly with a wealth

Of Love, for so do we her call. (Ahavah=Love)

Teach her all good things, o Lord.

First of all to trust in thee,

And then to join with pure accord

The praise of saints thyself to see.

Give her too a willing mind

That alone on thee depends.

For thou art good and very kind,

To whom for thee does ope his hands.

Also set a loving heart

In a breast that well consoles

The minds of those whose earthly part

Is trouble, to relieve their souls.

Add to this an insight great

That succeeds to understand,

Both quick and well and never late,

The treasures of thy giving Hand.

O Lord, how great's thy love.

Saviour, Maker of all things,

Take care that she just like a dove

Means peace, brings love, full swift of wings!

May 18th, 1981;

for Rhodé Ahavah Anastasia

by dad.

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