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At the Savior's feet, list'ning to the Lord,

Sat down this dear Mary of Beth'ny's simple town.

She preferred the perfect part;

This divine portion struck her heart.

She received the promise to never be let down,

In this God-man's soul touching the right chord.

When the gospel's spread, saving through the Name,

The folks from farthest corners, of ev'ry walk of life;

Mention should be made of her:

Nothing could this her mind deter!

Setting God's example with what the heavens are rife,

Now then this report tells us her own fame.

Once the wisest man, claiming to have found,

Among a lonely thousand a really worthy man;

Yet in spite of all such search,

The female left he in the lurch.

Beth'ny's Mary, regal, most honorable woman,

But the Lord did find, making this one count.

At the Savior's feet, worshipping the Lord,

The purest balsam pouring, our hearts' most precious gift;

Off'ring treasures new and old,

Both gaining wisdom, growing bold:

Only to praise our Jesus, our arms to Him to lift,

Ever Christ to anoint, will be our blessed reward.

<Frederick Christopher Bouter>

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